LeapFrog LeapReader Learn to Read Phonics Book Set 1: Short Vowels 4-7 Years/Skills Taught: Reading & Writing This 6-book set explores short vowels. Use the LeapReader Reading and Writing System to bring this ... MFG#: 22330 SKU: L3872 Price: $19.99
LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Talking Words Factory Flash Cards 4-7 Years/Skills Taught: Reading & Writing Mix and match letters to build more than 100 words with short vowel sounds. Touch letters to hear ... MFG#: 21210 SKU: L4174 Price: $13.99
LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Human Body Discovery Set 4-8 Years/Skills Taught: Science Learn fun human body and nutrition facts while playing with this 5-piece set featuring a two-sided ... MFG#: 21211 SKU: L4175 Price: $17.99
LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Get Ready for Kindergarten 4-6 Years/Skills Taught: Kindergarten Prep Get Ready for Kindergarten helps kids build fundamental school readiness skills! In Word Circus, ... MFG#: 21212 SKU: L4177 Price: $13.99
LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Leap and the Lost Dinosaur 4-8 Years/Skills Taught: Science Use the LeapReader Reading and Writing System to bring this book and 15 interactive dinosaur cards ... MFG#: 21219 SKU: L4221 Price: $13.99
LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Learn to Write Letters 4-8 Years/Skills Taught: Reading & Writing Practice writing the alphabet with the LeapReader, and learn about upper- and lowercase letters and ... MFG#: 21310 SKU: L4246 Price: $19.99
"LeapFrog LeapReader Read & Write Book Set: Ready, Set, Kindergarten" 4-6 years/Skills Taught: Kindergarten Prep Take a hands-on approach to school readiness with 45 fun activities. This comprehensive 3-book set ... MFG#: 21404 SKU: L4389 Price: $19.99
LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Reading Game: Animal Adventure 4-8 Years/Skills Taught: Science LeapReader Animal Adventure ... MFG#: 21406 SKU: L4424 Price: $13.99