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LeapReader Reading and Writing System

Our Educator–Approved Library of 150+ Titles*

Our learning library is crafted by in-house experts. It draws from 2600 skills beyond core subjects.

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LeapReader helps children build the confidence to learn to read and write at their own pace with rich audio support and reading comprehension activities. —Carolyn Jaynes, Ph.D.,  LeapFrog Learning Designer

The Learning Difference

LeapReader is the complete
learn-to-read-and-write solution that combines
three essential literacy skills: reading, writing and
listening. By practicing them together, children
can practice the skills they need to help them become
confident, independent readers.

Dad and daughter with LeapReader
Girl with LeapReader

Learn to Read

Touch LeapReader to any page to sound
out words letter by letter, read sentences
in lively character voices and play fun
games that build comprehension.

Learn to Write

Use LeapReader to trace letters and
numbers, and write words stroke-by-stroke
with interactive guidance as magic ink
appears on special mess-free paper.

Boy with LeapReader
Child with headphones

Learn through Listening

Develop listening skills, comprehension
and imagination with LeapReader’s
popular audio books, trivia challenges
and learning songs.

LeapReader works with most Tag books.